Bunker Hill
Housing Redevelopment

A plan to serve the community's needs.

Our Vision

The Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment project, formerly One Charlestown, aims to create a vibrant, new mixed-income – market rate and deeply affordable – residential community for all Charlestown residents and that pays homage to Charlestown’s rich local history.

Built in 1940 as federal public housing, the Bunker Hill Housing development is severely depreciated with many buildings in disrepair due to lack of federal funding. Through a public-private partnership with the City of Boston, the existing 46 buildings will be replaced with 16 new residential buildings, retail and community space, as well as green spaces and connections to the surrounding Charlestown neighborhood. 

Our team appreciates the many neighborhood residents who attended the community meetings as we continue our planning, and we look forward to working together to make Charlestown an even better home for all members of our community.

Community Engagement

After hearing community input and suggestions, the expanded development team of Joseph J. Corcocan Co. and Leggat McCall Properties, in partnership with the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) and the Charlestown Resident Alliance (CRA), has prepared a revised conceptual plan with a significant reduction in overall height and density. Primary changes since 2016 include lower building heights and a reduction of 500 units. This brings the total unit count down to 2,699 mixed-income apartments - which will include 1,010 deeply affordable replacement units on site. Since our May community meetings, the first building to be constructed has also been revised to be mixed-income (a combination of market-rate and deeply affordable units).
Over the next several months, our team will hold a series of additional public workshops to solicit more input on several topics, including site planning, traffic/parking, construction impacts and mitigation, retail strategy, and exterior design of the first buildings. These will be held in addition to the standard public meetings that are part of the official Article 80 process.  
2016 Plan
Mixed Income Housing
Deeply Affordable Units
22 max
2019 Plan
Mixed Income Housing
Deeply Affordable Units
10 max
Lower height buildings along Bunker Hill St and Medford St
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Replacement of Deeply Affordable Units
The redevelopment will replace 1,010 affordable units on site and BHA will replace the remaining 100 affordable units at an off-site location in Charlestown.  There will be no loss of deeply affordable units.
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Thoughtful Design
All units and buildings in the redevelopment will be designed and built to the same high-quality standards and include the same amenities.
New Community Parks
Public parks nearly the size of two football fields will bring additional trees, lush landscaping, and open space to the neighborhood. These spaces will create a new public square and recreational amenities for all ages and abilities. 
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Enhanced Connectivity
New sidewalks and landscape design will create better connections between the development and the neighborhood. The site design will also strengthen the connections to the Navy Yard and Bunker Hill Monument.
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Ground-floor Retail
Neighborhood amenities and new retail along Bunker Hill Street will focus on local needs and businesses.
Honor Local History
The redevelopment will seek thoughtful ways to pay homage to Charlestown’s unique local history.

Construction Projected To Start Early 2021

Updates announced at Nov. 20, 2019 Meeting:

December 2, 2019:

February 18, 2020:

Early 2020:

May 2020 Video Presentation:

This video will not replace the full and thorough public community input and permitting process which has paused and will resume at a later date to be set by the City. When this occurs, we are committed to taking no shortcuts. We will continue to be engaged and working in earnest in our planning efforts.


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How many buildings will be demolished and how many new buildings will there be?

There are currently 46 buildings on the site that will be demolished and replaced with 16 new buildings.

How many units are being demolished?

There are currently 1,110 units on the site that will be demolished.

How many new units will be on the site?

2,699 (including 1,010 deeply affordable units and 1,689 market-rate units).

There were originally 1,110 deeply affordable units on site. Are we losing 100 units?

No, the BHA will replace the other 100 deeply affordable units off-site at another location in Charlestown. There will be no loss of deeply affordable units.

What type of units will be on the site?

All of the units will be rental apartments.

What size units will be in the buildings?

For the market-rate units, it will be a mix of studios, one, two, and three bedrooms. Deeply affordable units will be a mix of one, two, three, and four bedrooms.

What is the max building height?

10 stories, with such buildings located near the Tobin Bridge and the center of the site.

How tall will buildings be along Bunker Hill and Medford Streets?

Along Bunker Hill Street, buildings will be 4 stories. Along Medford Street buildings will be 4 stories across from residential areas, and up to 6 stories across from the high school playing fields.

How many parks will there be?

There are several areas throughout the site that will be open to the public. There are two areas in particular that will be larger and feature more amenities. Altogether, the publicly accessible recreational spaces on the site are nearly the size of two football fields.

How much retail space will there be?

There will be 70,000 SF of community and retail space.

Will there be a community center on the site?

Yes, there will be a community center. The location has not yet been determined.

How much parking will be added to the site to support the additional units?

We do not yet know the exact number of parking spots that will be added. This will be determined through the Article 80 process with feedback from the community.

When will you resume Article 80 Process?

The Article 80 process for the overall zoning and the first phase will resume after we file our Draft Project Impact Report (DPIR) on February 18, 2020. Each subsequent phase will also be taken through an Article 80 process.

What is a MEPA Phase One waiver and why did the developer request this in the DEIR/DPIR?

The Phase one waiver is for the state MEPA (Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act) process, not the city process. We are able to request this because as a standalone project the first phase of the Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment (the first two buildings) would not exceed mandatory environmental requirements to be subject to MEPA review. Our purpose in requesting this waiver is that it enables us to start construction for the first phase only before the MEPA FEIR (Final Environment Impact Report/state) is completed for the overall site plan.

We have not requested any kind of waiver from the BPDA and there is no change in the BPDA Article 80 public process for the overall site plan or the first phase. Construction is still planned to start this Fall.

When will construction start?

Construction is projected to start early 2021.

If I am an existing BHA resident, how far in advance will I find out I am moving?

You will be notified 9 months to a year in advance of when you will move out of your current apartment. At that time, a relocation specialist will work with you to identify the best options for your family.  The redevelopment team will maximize the ability to provide on-site, one-way moves for residents.

Residents in Phase 1A can click here.

If I am an existing BHA resident, who do I contact for questions about relocation?

Boston Housing Authority has hired a relocation specialist to handle this process. They will reach out to you at the appropriate time. In the meantime, you can reach out to BHA staff, Amy Tran at 617-988-4316 with questions.

Will everyone living in existing deeply affordable units be able to return to the site?

Yes, everyone who currently lives in the development and wants to return will be able to.

Who will own the land after it is redeveloped?

The land will remain under Boston Housing Authority (BHA) ownership, with each building developed as a privately-owned building subject to a 99-year ground lease with the BHA.. Affordable units will remain affordable under the ground-lease.

Who will manage the buildings?

The new buildings will be managed by a management company hired by the developer with input from the BHA and CRA.

Existing buildings will continue to be managed by the BHA until demolished.

Why is this a public-private partnership?

Due to a lack of sufficient federal capital funding to upgrade and preserve the development, the BHA entered into a partnership with a private development team (Corcoran/LMP) to redevelop the property to ensure the long-term preservation of the site.

What types of buildings are included in this development?

There are both mixed-income buildings (market-rate and deeply affordable units) and all affordable buildings in the development.

  • There are no 100% market-rate buildings.
  • The unit mix in the mixed-income buildings is currently 78% market-rate and 22% deeply affordable.

The unit mix in the overall development is 63% market-rate and 37% deeply affordable.

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